A visit to my past.

Wow 2015 is here already and January is almost over. Time just passes by so quickly.

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and New Year. I know Matt and I ate way to much and probably drank way to much as well. We sure did enjoy ourselves though.

2015… This year is going to be one big one. Matt and I are getting married, we are taking a 3 week holiday overseas to rest and rejuvenate, pretty sure our last actual holiday was New York. So way to long ago. I intend on studying again, along with working permanent part time and teaching yoga. I hope to visit Bali to experience the culture and learn more about yoga as well as take time to really work on being healthier and happier. Matt is going to be working hard on building his Sound Engineering Business, which I am so excited about, he is one talented man. I can’t wait to see him doing more musically as well. So a very inspiring year ahead for us.

Now to to explain the title of this blog post. I must say it has been a very interesting experience having the past rear its head, I haven’t said ugly head because in a way it has been something I was able to look at positively.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been going through old diaries, photo’s and documents. I spent a lot of time in my early 20’s writing my feelings down on paper, paintings and keeping musical lyrics that I connected with. I was, lets say… lost in a dark place. It was interesting to me, now that I am 27, happy and feeling excited about my life and future, how when reading or going through past photo’s etc, I didn’t experience any attachment. I wasn’t angry, sad, or even weirded out… I was actually happy, I was surprised at my talent with writing and my artistic flare… I was happy that I was no longer attached to that negative space and I was happy that I was able to see how much I had grown.

I know I haven’t blogged in a while being so busy but after having this wonderful experience I felt I needed to share with you. I think letting go doesn’t mean forgetting, it just allows you to grow and not attach to the negative, it opens you to being positive and I am so thankful for that.

Now I am going to leave you with one of my poems I wrote in 2006, I was going through a pretty hard time. I have so many of these little gems, although it is dark, it makes me smile, it makes me glad that I was able to experience such emotion and I was able to come out of the darkness and into the light.

let go

A stench so strong, this infernal demise

Desolation and absolution

Serenity in thine eyes

To be complete to suffer in confusion

This window of tricks, smashed and broken

Words thrown back and forth, innocence

The devils tramping ground

The soft flesh dripping with sweat

The wind carried the sound of screams

The burning cent lingered

A blind red rage pulsing

The autumn leaves begin to fall

The sky is filled with a sea of white to thick to see through

A bright light beams in the distance and closer it moves now towards you

That journey the inevitable one you’ve been chasing

Now appearing and just as you new it would, you see it disappearing

Flowers start to bloom and the trees flourish

That red apple bitten; now you see the world for what it is

Selfishness has no end, the circle of craziness begins

Lost souls the streets filled with emptiness

Each goal set reached, each chase complete

Thriving for what we no is obscene

Tormenting and torture

Inevitable you seem to feel incomplete

I walked you through the Garden of Eden

I skipped to every beat

I lay in that which you called my dominion

Only to experience bathing in ridicule

My lungs opening as every breath cuts deep

A soft mixture of burning, thus into my being

Searching for the harsh life distaine

Tasting this infernal darkness



Welcome home Princess

September 20th 2014 the 4th day we were going to be spending in our new home. We had finally moved into our cute little half Queenslander rental and had barely even started unpacking. Matt and I slept in that morning it was a gorgeous Saturday and we were absolutely exhausted. Our plan was to do absolutely nothing all day.

That obviously didn’t happen…..

So long story cut short, Matt got a phone call from his mother in regards to RSPCA holding an adoption expo at the show grounds in Brisbane, we had been talking about adopting or fostering for awhile and when we found out it was just down the road we jumped out of bed and headed down.

Being at the show grounds broke my heart, I seriously just wanted to take them all home, I mean all and spend my days playing and making them feel loved forever. I just couldn’t believe how many dogs had been either dumped, found or given away.

After spending a fair amount of time looking around, putting a few applications in for some puppies we decided to have one last look around before we left. Matt wanted to pat this massive I mean massive dog so we went to the stall called “Red Collar Rescue Inc. Biggenden.” As we were standing there and Matt was saying hello to Mr Giant man I saw this gorgeous Blue healer just hanging out and waging her tail at everyone being super awesome. Of course I had to say hi, having been brought up with cattle dogs as a child I have always had a soft spot for them. I didn’t realise that this little girl was going to steal both mine and Matt’s heart. She came straight over to me, lay down and put her chin on my leg and gave me those puppy eyes, them serious “HI I LOVE YOU PLEASE TAKE ME HOME” puppy eyes. Well she sure suckered us in and we on the spot adopted her.


Leia 2



I am not going to lie, we have only had her for 3 weeks and yes it has been very stressful. She has broken a window, pooped and peed on the floor, jumped the fence multiple times and wakes me up every morning at 5am to take her for walks. I feel like a new mum who has no idea what she is doing, its rather scary but I am so excited and nothing compares to how she has given both Matt and I so much joy, love and happiness in these 3 weeks that we both wouldn’t no what to do without her.

She sure didn’t know what was happening when we took her home and it has taken her some time to settle in. I must say with the help of the beautiful Melissa Rigby Nanimals doggy day care and Matt we have definitely seen a change in her. She comes to her name which is Leia by the way. She was named after Matt’s favourite movie trilogy Star Wars. She is our one and only Princess! I can’t wait to see her personality grow everyday and I can’t wait to keep seeing how much she is helping to change our lifestyle for the better.





I hope you all can meet this soft gentle soul that we have been gifted with, Matt and I are very much in love with her. Have an amazing week all. <3

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