Bring me a cup of tea and let me hear the rain sing.

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Have you ever woken up and decided that it really wasn’t worth getting out of bed today, have you ever tried to hold a conversation with someone who no matter what is always right, have you ever experienced a day where everything went completely wrong, and have you ever cried so much that your eyes can’t open because they hurt so much…. I’m sure you have. I know I have and I know that no matter what I still get out of that bed, I still hold that conversation, I hold many more… I still bring myself to smile and I remember that tears are perfect because they are healing. 

All I need is my cup of tea, the sound of rain, and to sit silently… 

Today I encourage you to take some time out before you start your busy schedule… Have that cup of tea/coffee, stretch, sing in the shower or write a little something. Whatever it is, remember that everything gets better and nothing is ever forever. 


Pop Up Yoga Coming to BrisbaneΒ 

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